National Employees Union

The statutory purpose of a trade union is the regulation of relations between employees and employers.

This means we don’t attend meetings in an adversarial capacity – it’s more like a round table discussion.

The value that we put on the table is an objective application of the law in order to find reasonable solutions. 

Employment Law

The law guides the employee – employer relationship.

The working relationship is set out in the express terms of the employment contract.

The relationship is also governed by legislation, for example, the Equality Act 2010 prohibits discrimination at work regardless of whether discrimination is referred to in the contract or not.

Human Rights law also applies in the workplace. 

Benefits of Membership

The benefits of NEU membership include exclusive access to:

Email and telephone advice.


Representation in meetings.

Added benefits include; a weekly online guided meditation, a Facebook group where you can get questions answered in real time or join a discussion.


A new website.

A monthly newsletter with Top Tips to help you understand your rights at work.

Merchandise including enamel lapel pins and pens.

A member summer picnic day where you can meet the union team and connect with members.


What We Do

Given that the employee – employer relationship is governed by a mosaic of contract, legislation, and Human Rights law, it is understandable how sometimes employers can ‘get it wrong’. 

Simple and minor breaches of law ought to be resolved informally and amicably. 

Otherwise employees are legally entitled to be represented at formal meetings.


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At work?


Do you feel


That your career is under threat?


Are you


What to do?

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First month’s membership £25

Each month thereafter £15

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Everyone knows there is power in numbers. 

Joining a trade union when you don’t need help means there will be a trade if you do need help. 

Being a trade union member means being part of a collective in order to look after your own interests. 

Being a member of National Employees Union is to belong to a community. 

Every success we achieve for our members is a collective success. 

When you join you will have access to the member portal. 

In the portal there is a range of resources to help you navigate frequent scenarios at work. 

The National Employees Union admin team, legal team, and representation team, are here to support you no matter what your problem might be at work. 

National Employees Union

It’s like an insurance policy for your career.


Yes, having an account will give you access to documents and helpful topics

First month £25 and £15 per month thereafter

Our membership is a monthly charge which will give you access to documents and helpful topics and resources

NEU provides expert advice and support by telephone, email, and letter, as well as representing members in formal disciplinary and grievance hearings.

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